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   P 210 Pasat Grand Piano


Color Available

Black High Gloss


The research department, together with the development one that exists for more than 50 years have developed and implemented numerous new items in traditional construction of PETROF pianos. At the same time, thousands of tests of various materials and their combinations have been performed, hundreds of calculations of measures and their optimization. Another of the series of more than 270 instrument models that came to existence in the course of the development department activities is the result of this hard work, namely the concert grand piano P 210 Pasat.


Above all, the model P 210 Pasat is equipped with a new acoustic range (measure). The length and dimension of bass strings are extended to achieve higher performance. High stability of tuning is ensured by individual hanging of the strings, by the new structure used together with new materials of the skeleton, and especially new and original design of connection between the cast iron frame and the skeleton. This provides an extraordinarily compact and stable support of cast iron frame.


The P 210 Pasat grand piano is a novelty in the master instrument series. Its romantic, clear and melodious tone ranks it among the favourites of music expositions. Its sound parameters are able to splendidly amplify the feeling from the music. Its dimensions make it ideal for chamber halls, studios and the home.


P 210 Pasat grand piano model specification click here.

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a 1525 mm
b 2100 mm
Height 1006 mm
Weight 410 kg  





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