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A Tradition of Quality

The history of the "Barratt & Robinson" pianos first began in 1877 when Barratt & Robinson Ltd. was first founded in that year at York Way, Kings Cross, England.


The Barratt & Robinson pianos since its introduction, became very well known throughout the musical world for its dependability and tone quality that is second to none, which made it a truly magnificent musical instrument to own, and this is best judged by the numerous awards it won since 1878 of which the most illustrious and distinguish outstanding were the following Gold Awards :



  •  PARIS - 1878 Gold Medal
  •  ROTTERDAM 1907 Grand Prix
  •  ROME 1908 Gold Medal
  •  MANCHESTER 1910 Gold Medal
  •  LONDON 1911 Gold Medal
  •  MANCHESTER 1911 Gold Medal
  •  ST.PETERSBURG 1911 Gold Medal
  •  TURIN 1911 Grand Prix
  •  LONDON 1914 Grand Prix
  •  NORWICH 1920 Gold Medal
  •  MADRID 1994 & 1995 - 22nd & 23rd International Trophy for Quality
  •  BRUSSELS 1995 International Gold Star for Quality
  •  MADRID 1996 Golden Award for the best Trade Name
  •  PARIS 1996 10th Golden European Award for Quality


Now more than a century later, the successor to the prestigious name and mark "Barratt & Robinson" continues the tradition that had been laid down by the founders to ensure the quality that has been perpetuated.


To ensure the utmost quality in every product, durability tests are carried out and every piano is personally regulated, checked and fine-tuned to perfection.


Surface finishes of Barratt & Robinson pianos are done with polyester lacquers and polished to a high sheen and are as attractive as they are durable. Resistance to dirt and stains ensure long lasting beauty.


Barratt & Robinson pianos offer the kind of tone and playability that will delight even the most discriminating pianist. The console offer uniform and well balanced keys that are totally responsive to touch. And with sounds that are rich and pleasingly clear.


Whichever model you select, you can be assured of everlasting playing pleasure.


So play on a Barratt & Robinson piano today.



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