Syarikat Alat-Alat Muzik Weng Lee, is a well established and reputable piano business company in Malaysia. It was founded by Mr. Hoe Tuck Foo in 1987 and the legacy continued to include his children – 4th generation of the HOE family piano business in Malaysia.

Our company is the sole importer and distributor for Karl Schmidt piano in Malaysia. Other exclusive brands available are Wagner, Challen, C.Steinbert, Barratt & Robinson, Petrof, Weinbach, Bösendorfer, Schimmel and Hailun.

We specialized in custom rebuilding and restoration of any grand and upright pianos in our comprehensive piano service center. Whether you are looking to purchase a newly restored piano or to have your vintage piano refurbished you can depend on the experienced craftsmanship of our 4th generations skilled artisans.

We consider each piano an individual work of art and use only the highest quality piano parts because we are committed to restoring your piano to its original specifications. Many hours of detailed work go into the restoration process to ensure superior results. Our goal is to deliver a magnificent instrument that gives you a lifetime of joy and happiness. Your beautifully restored piano will look and sound just like it did when it was brand new.

Exclusive piano players system such as PianoDisc, Quiet Time and QRS can be install into any type of pianos. Other services available are piano tuning, repairing, refinishing, polishing, packing, removal and rental. Music books, music accessories, metronomes, violins and guitars are also available.

Piano dealership inquiry for new and used pianos are most welcome.

Family History

“First Generation”

In the 19th century, Hoe Fook Ling the only son of a Sundry Manager, was send to Japan to learn the art of piano making by his father. After mastering the skill of piano making he went back to China. In 1920, Hoe Fook Ling decided to emigrate from Ningbo in Shanghai to Singapore. He set up a piano business company “Union Piano” with a relative and at the same time a branch office in Malaysia (then known as Federation of Malaya). During his time in Singapore, his wife, his only son and 6 daughters stayed behind in China.

He became the first person to make a piano in Singapore under the brand name “Kinner”. With admiration and respect, people in the piano industry nicknamed him “King of Piano”. However, at the age of 48, he was called back to China because his father was very ill. Not long, his father passed away. Being the only son in the family, he gave up everything and stayed back in China.

“Second Generation”

His son Hoe Ah Choy, follows his father’s footstep joined “Moutrie, Robinson & Company” as an apprentice. It was the first British piano business operating in Shanghai, China which later begin assembling piano locally around 1870. Moutrie pianos enjoyed great recognition in China and were sold to Southeast Asian countries. In 1936, How Ah Choy at the age of 25, was transferred to Malaysia (then known as Federation of Malaya) and reside at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (then known as Batu Road) working as piano tuner and repairer for Moutrie, Robinson & Company.

Moutrie, Robinson & Company closed down in the early 1950′s. In 1951, Hoe Ah Choy started a small enterprise named “Wagner Piano Company” with his wife, Kong Kim Goh selling new imported pianos from United Kingdom such as Kemble, John Brinsmead, Bentley, J & J Hopkinson, Rogers, Leswein and Zender. Not long after, he started doing restoration and rebuilding work on imported used pianos with the help of his second son, Hoe Tuck Foo. His new company was doing well and soon he decided to assembly the pianos himself by importing semi-completed units from United Kingdom and later Germany and Japan with the help of his children. During this time “Wagner” brand was introduced to the market.

Standing from L to R:  Patrick, Tuck Foo, Mary, Tuck Wah, Sai Kuen
Sitting L to R: Tuck Liong, Philip, Mr Hoe Ah Choy, Ivan, Mrs Hoe (Kong Kim Goh) and Simon

As the demand of his pianos grows the shop became too small. In 1960, the company moved to a larger premises at Jalan Dang Wangi, (then known as Campbell Road) and later at Jalan Imbi, (then known as Imbi Road). There, he went one step further producing piano cabinets locally in order to stay competitive.

“Third Generation”

In 1969, the eldest son, Hoe Tuck Wah embarked on piano making courses and visited many traditional piano making factories in United Kingdom, Europe, United States of America, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. Back home they start stripping down well established German and English pianos to find the secrets of their craftsmanship and also to evaluate the viability of piano manufacturing.

In 1972, Hoe Tuck Wah started a piano factory “Musical Product Sdn. Bhd.” in Lahat (just outside Ipoh, Perak) manufacturing pianos under licensed brand such as Challen, Witton & Witton, Barratt & Robinson from England and the famous C.Steinbert German scale designed piano by D.H. Dotzek, with the help of his brothers, Hoe Tuck Foo (Production Director), Patrick Hoe Tuck Pui (Management) and Hoe Tuck Liong (Wood Working Department). Musical Products Sdn. Bhd. became the first and only piano making facility in Malaysia.

On 16th April 1975, Wagner Piano Company was turned into a private limited company and renamed to Wagner Piano Sdn. Bhd. In 1980′s, Wagner Piano Sdn. Bhd. took over Petrof Piano House in Singapore and renamed it to Wagner Petrof Piano Pte. Ltd. as agent for Petrof pianos for South-East Asia and Australasia.

Soon after the brothers and sisters started their own piano business in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Today, the Hoe family business has grown into one of the most established and reputable piano retailers, wholesaler and factories representatives in Malaysia with more than five main showrooms all around Malaysia and a comprehensive piano workshop-service centre which provides piano tunings, repairs, restoration, rebuilding, spare parts, tools and piano player system installation.

These companies continue to maintain strong relationships with leading manufacturers on the latest developments and innovations through factory visits, international music fairs, conferences and seminars to provide the necessary up-to-date after sales service to customers, partners and distributors.

“Fourth Generation”

On 20th March 1987, Syarikat Alat-Alat Muzik Weng Lee owned by Hoe Tuck Foo and helped by his children is officially registered for business and thus the continuation of the Hoe’s family fourth generation of piano legacy in Malaysia.

L to R:  David Hoe, Steven Hoe, Alec Weil (Asia Representative of Steinway & Sons) and Mr. Hoe Tuck Foo

Hoe Tuck Foo’s taught his second son, Steven Hoe, the art of piano restoration, repairing, servicing and tuning while he was still a young teenager, Later Steven joined Musical Product Sdn. Bhd as a piano technician. His eldest son David Hoe and only daughter Nancy Hoe, join the company after completing their studies.

Steven Hoe received his advanced technical training from the world renowned “Steinway & Sons” piano factory in Hamburg, Germany which specialized on the fitting and regulation of piano actions, positioning of the damper mechanism as well as voicing of hammers on Steinway & Sons grand pianos.

Mr. Steven Hoe with Mr. Hartwig Kalb (service manager from Steinway and Sons)
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