• Karl Schmidt Piano

Masters Crafted Pianoforte

KARL SCHMIDT pianos are well established and reputable in quality. Its grand and upright pianos are built according to traditional craftsmanship.

KARL SCHMIDT pianos give you inimitable playing pleasure. It has incredible tonality throughout; flawless evenness in its action; bell-like tone in the treble, a full rich, pure, thunderous, resonant bass and responsive playability is highly praised by concert pianists, professional musicians and amateur piano enthusiasts alike. more…

  • Wagner Piano

An Instrument of Musical Excellence

It is highly praised by students, music teachers and musicians for its rich European tone and responsive touch. WAGNER pianos are among the industry’s most well designed, engineered, highly detailed and well-crafted instruments thanks to a team of International Master Piano-Designers from America, Europe and Japan using traditional and modern building techniques.

Today, the popular WAGNER pianos are found in conservatory halls, music institutions and homes around the world and are used in world’s renowned examination boards (ABRSM, LCM, Trinity) and piano competitions. more …

  • Challen Piano

Makers of Fine Pianos

Challen has been a name well-associated with the finest crafted pianos since 1804. Pianos that have graced royal households, concert halls, music conservatoriums, hotel and broadcasting studios for decades.

Challen. A name closely associated with the British Broadcasting Corporation for over 30 years. Where excellent tonal quality, reliability and consistency in performance have made it the British piano of the British Broadcasting Corporation; and won it the much coveted “Royal Appointment Award” for product excellent. more…

  • C.Steinbert Piano

The ultimate in German quality & technology

CAPTIVATE And be captivated…. by the splendour, the range and the richness of tone that have made the C. Steinbert one of the most respected names in pianos. Each C. Steinbert piano bears more than a prestigious name. more…

  • Petrof Piano

World’s No. 1 Selling European Made Piano

It is not only popular in the classical world, it is equally famous among the jazz and the popular musicians. Since 1864, the world famous PETROF piano has been known in Europe for building world-class concert quality instruments. Master European craftsmen build each piano by hand using the finest materials combining European tradition and the latest technological advancement.

Well known for its warm, rich, singing tone, full of color and superior touch, PETROF has been played and owned by many renowned pianists such as Paul McCartney, Richard Clyderman, Count Basie, Oscar Peterson, Abdullah Ibrahim, Hiroko Nakamura, Ivan Moravec, Herbie Hancock and countless more. Today, the Czech-made PETROF grand and upright pianos can be found in world’s renowned concert halls, music institutions, international piano competitions and fine homes worldwide. more …

  • Weinbach Piano
Perfection in Design, Reliability in Detail

Weinbach are crafted by a combination of highly skilled, artisan piano builders and modern audio-physical engineering techniques for which the Europeans builders are so famous.

The Grand and Upright pianos made by Weinbach have, for many decades, received accolades from pianists in all types of venues. These pianos, not only have an elegant appearance, but are exceptional in their tone, which boasts a beautiful rich sound. more …

  • Bösendorfer Piano
The Aristocrat of Pianos

Bösendorfer was founded in 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer in Vienna, the music capital of the World. It is among the world’s eldest piano manufacturers, rich in tradition and world famous for the sound and world’s most carefully hand crafted instrument. Each Bösendorfer grand piano is the product of not only over whole year’s work but also expertise passed down from generation to generation since it was founded.

Due to the tradition in music since 1828 and inspired from all the major composers and pianists who lived and worked in the music capital of the world – Vienna, Bösendorfer has been able to develop and create the finest instruments in the world. more…

  • Hailun Piano

New World’s Best Pianos

The upright and grand pianos made by the Ningbo HAILUN Musical Instruments Co. Ltd have received international praise and acclaim.

HAILUN piano has entered into the mainstream market with the quality of the instruments meeting and exceeding American & European standards.

Based in Ningbo, China and operates a 431,000 square foot manufacturing facility now employs over 800 workers, is today one of China’s top piano manufacturers of China’s 200 piano building companies and the finest Asian piano in it’s class. more…

  • QRS Music Player Pianos & Technologies
World’s Best Piano Automation System

QRS is the world’s oldest & largest manufacturer of player piano rolls. Established in 1900, QRS has maintained it reputation as the most trusted name in the industry.

For most people, buying piano is a major investment. A Pianomation based entertainment system enhances your investment while providing new and different ways of enjoyment. So sit back and relax while the piano plays itself along your favorite songs.

The only completely upgradeable system. Unparalleled in its class. Over 5000+ different music titles. more…

  • PianoDisc
Bringing Technology to Art

PianoDisc, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in music reproduction technology, provides superior player piano systems and elegant pianos of heirloom quality and lasting value.

PianoDisc’s breakthrough technology makes pre-recorded music a virtual musical reality, faithfully re-performing, down to last nuance of expression, the exact tone and projection of each original key stroke. PianoDisc is one of the most exciting music products to come along in decades, and an important component in modern home entertainment.

You can’t imagine what the PianoDisc 228CFX can do until you have experienced it. The PianoDisc 228CFX is as easy for non-pianist to use as it is for the most accomplished artist, offering a flexible and full-featured selection of options. The PianoDisc 228CFX enables you to employ both floppy disk and CD formats from one control unit. Whether you are teaching or learning, listening or creating, regardless of where you place it, the opportunities for enjoying your PianoDisc 228CFX are endless. more…

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