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Q: What makes the Bösendorfer Piano the finest in the World?

A: Built in Austria, Vienna the music capital of the world since 1828 by Europe's finest master craftsmen. Not to mention its countless technical features the extra bass keys, the solid spruce rim, the independent capo d'astro bar, the tone and touch are second to none. And, very often referred as the "Royce-Rolls" of the Grand Pianos.



Q: What type of wood is used to manufacture Bösendorfer pianos?

A: Spruce has the best tonal qualities of any wood and that is why 85% of wood used to produce a Bösendorfer is spruce. Bösendorfer is very particular about the quality of spruce used, especially for its soundboard. In order to ensure the correct growth rate, Bösendorfer only uses spruce that is grown at a minimum of 1000 meters above sea level from a special part in the central Alps. The summer season is very short, so the annual rings are very tight and close, making it the best spruce for quality musical sound. Bösendorfer selects timber which is harvested during winter (January) each year because that is when the sap is at its lowest in the tree.



Q: Bösendorfer's "Resonating Box Principle" what is so special and what's the advantage?

A: Bösendorfer's inner rim is made of solid spruce blocks. The outer rim is made of soundboard spruce shaped using the kerf-cutting technique. After the outer and inner rim is properly shaped and completed, a small slots are then filled with spruce shims. Both the outer and inner rim of a Bösendorfer interface directly with the soundboard so the entire case becomes an extension of the soundboard. Since the soundboard is the amplifier of the strings, this is an obvious advantage.



Q: Why are Bösendorfer Piano so expensive?

A: Each Bösendorfer grand is the product of not only over a whole year's work but expertise passed down from generation to generation. These ultimate instruments combine the finest materials available in the world with the most experienced master craftsmen who must apprentice at Bösendorfer for an average of 12 years. It takes about 62 weeks to produce one grand piano. If aging, curing and seasoning of the wood is included the piano can take up to 7 years to be built! Since 1828, Bösendorfer has only built about 48,000 grand pianos. Today, the factory makes about 400 to 450 Grand Pianos each year.



Q: Is it true, that Bösendorfer grand pianos have more strings than other manufacturers?

A: Yes, Bösendorfer grand pianos possess single stringing. Each string in the Bösendorfer piano is individually attached with hand made loop. This permits better tuning stability. It also has one advantage that if one string breaks during a performance, only one of the 3 unisons is affected, and the music may continue because there will be two strings left. Thus the lost of sound is minimal. This kind of attention is also what makes Bösendorfer's the finest piano in the world.



Q: What type of action does Bösendorfer piano uses?

A: The action is custom designed by Bösendorfer technicians and is built to Bösendorfer's specifications by Renner, using either Renner or Abel Hammers. The control which pianists have over the instrument is precise and uniform. The keyboard is also custom designed and built to Bösendorfer's specification either by Kluge or by Aug. Laukhoff, German keyboard manufacturers.



Q: What sizes and finishes are available?

A: Bösendorfer Grand Pianos range from the Model 170 at 5' 8" to the incomparable Model 290 Imperial at 9' 6" that has 97 keys. Finishes range from High-Gloss Ebony Polyester to special mahoganies, rosewood, walnut cherry, as well as rare exotic woods too. And, do you know that Bösendorfer is the only company that build the grand piano of your dreams according to your wish-design!



Q: I've been looking at Steinway Pianos. Why should I consider a Bösendorfer?

A: The tradition of hand craftsmanship fosters extreme attention to detail and maximum possible quality control is central to the Bösendorfer philosophy. It is the trademark of the Bösendorfer, which is famous throughout the world. In terms of how they are designed, constructed and how they perform, Bösendorfer is the finest piano and most prestigious piano in the world with no real competition. For such high quality instrument, you will be surprised to find the prices on many Bösendorfer's models are not much more than the Steinway.



Q: Which pianists prefer playing Bösendorfer?

A: Every pianist who dares to play the touching sound sooner or later finds his way to Bösendorfer. Please take a look at our incomplete register of famous Bösendorfer Owners.



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