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CD2000 Pianomation Player Piano System



The CD2000+ is our easy-to-use, entry level system for customers that want to enjoy the benefits of Pianomation, but don’t care about all the bells and whistles of a more advanced system and can be installed on any pianos.


Piano Player Control Unit

  • Modular design for easy and affordable hardware upgrades. [Q]
  • CD driven (reads QRS CDs). [Q]
  • Internal memory for instant recording and editing of MIDI files. [Q]
  • Push button navigation 2-digit LED display for navigating without a remote control.
  • Pianomation system’s exclusive modular design provides the option of easy and affordable component upgrades [Q]


Standard Equipment

CD2000+ control unit, wireless remote control, user’s manual, three CDs with 58 selections.


[Q] indicates QRS exclusive or exclusive among comparably priced competitive products.


CD2000+ Manual




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