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                                 185 Classic Grand                    155 Chippendale Grand


142 Modern, 165 Studio, 185 Classic

Wood grain in Walnut, Mahogany, Ebony, Teakwood, White, Ivory & Gold Polish.



                       215 Semi-Concert Grand                    275 Full Concert Grand    


215 Semi-Concert and 275 Full Concert Grands

Wood grain in Walnut, Mahogany, White & Ebony polish.



The C.Steinbert's Latest State of the art "Inharmonicity" Scale Design For Tonal Excellence

The unique tonal characteristic of every C.Steinbert sound derives from the scale design of the strings. In order to further enhance its tonal properties all strings run through brass studs or "Agraffen" so that the vibrating length can be controlled exactly for sound purity.


Even the length of each string after the bridge is calculated and staggered in such a way, so that the sound transmission is even and smooth, despite different thickness of each string as it graduates in length.


Similarly, the string lengths, after passing through the brass studs to the tuning pins are pre-determined for the purpose of removal any tonal impurities.


The C.Steinbert's Exceptional Quality Features For Total Reliability

The C.Steinbert ultra-sensitive and ultra-responsive Renner equipped action, except for models 165 and below, has been extremely popular and accepted world-wide by most concert pianists. Action features like aluminium action rail, rock maple action parts, genuine leather and felts and spruce keyboard are some of its unique features that guarantee absolute reliability and performance.


There are more than 12,000 parts in each C.Steinbert grand piano. Only the finest and most suitable of materials like felts, wood metals, etc are combined by skilled craftsmen to ensure that only a C.Steinbert grand sounds the way it should.


All C.Steinbert grands are equipped with a sostenuto or 3rd pedal. This special feature, not available in most grand pianos of other makes, allows more flexibility for the pianist to achieve greater expressions.


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