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And be captivated.... by the splendour, the range and the richness of tone that have made the C.Steinbert one of the most respected names in pianos. Each C. Steinbert piano bears more than a prestigious name. Designed by the famed D.H. Dotzek, the German piano master and respected technical consultant, the C.Steinbert range epitomizes his finest work. Today, C.Steinbert is the standard-in quality, craftmanship and technical excellence. A standard that brings you nothing less than the finest expression of a precision musical instruments. Because nothing else brings out the music in you as beautifully as the C.Steinbert.



The Fully Tropicalised Quality Features



1. German 'Delignit' Pin

Made of multi-layers of beech piles, glued with a special film-type water proof glue, it is virtually impossible for any separation to take place even if soaked in water.


2. Full Perimeter Vacuum Proceeded Iron Frame

This is the most technologically advanced techniques in grey iron casing. Not only does it offer excellent finish but also the rigidity and strength that are needed to withhold the approximately 20-ton string tensions


3. Nickel Plated Tuning Pins

The tuning pins have nickel plated heads for moisture resistance and anti-slip features for better holding power in pin block.


4. Hammers

Custom made pure and high density 'Royal George' wool in two layers and stapled to help produce the rich, clear and inspiring tones that are hallmarks in C.Steinbert pianos.


5. Action

Ultra-sensitive German Renner or Langer 80 action. Fast and responsive and yet with a touch that is light and controllable.


6. Keyboard

88 notes lead-weighted full length keys for consistency of touch. The white keys are made of special menthecrylate, which cannot discolour.


7. Strings

Finest German 'Roslau' high tension tempered steel, polished to resist corrosion. Bass strings wound with solid copper wire of above quality on hexagon wire for perfect string sound.


8. Sitka Spruce Soundboard

Sitka Spruce soundboards, recognised as more superior in sound transmission characteristics to other woods, are used in all C.Steinbert pianos.


9. Treble Bridge

Of multi-laminated beech to prevent splitting. Also graduated to ensure perfect speaking length of strings to match tone frequencies.


10. Hitch Pins

Chromed to provide maximum protection from rusting and strongly anchored to hold the strings firmly.


11. Cantilever Bridge

Fully suspended for increased string length and for greater transmission and amplification of bass tones.


12. Pedals

All C.Steinbert models come with 3 pedals, the middle or Celeste pedal being equipped with the most reliable cable and roller system for more efficient operations.


13. Cabinet

Made of moisture resistant chipboard and other like materials, thus avoiding any risk of warping and veneered with the finest and genuine wood grains. Additionally, the highly superior and lasting polyester lacquered cabinets come with a matching bench.



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