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The C.Steinbert Upright Technical Specification


The Construction

Special attention is given to the pin block which must not only hold the high string tensions constantly but must enable the piano to be tuned easily and stay netter in tune. Only the world's most reliable multi-laminated 'Delignit' pin block in used in the C.Steinbert.


The cantilever bass bridge construction allows longer bass strings to be made possible in today's modern and compact pianos. The advantage is richer and more resonant tones.


All strings run thorough either studs or pressure bars, in order that the vibrating lengths can be controlled exactly. The length of each string is scientifically calculated so as to determine the right diameter, length and tension for the wire against a given frequency in order to bring out the best tonal property.



The Tone

The tone quality of an upright piano differs as much as an individual taste; some like a muffled and soft tone while others prefer one that is rich and mellow. In every C.Steinbert piano you will immediately notice this distinctively rich and mellow tone.


The unique tonal characteristics of C.Steinbert pianos come from the design of the scaling of the strings. Latest technological breakthrough in this area has made impossible nowadays to establish piano inharmonicity. This ensures a maximum of clarity, richness, brilliance and an appealing impurity in tonal colour that has never possible before.


Another important factor that contributes to the overall tonal quality of every C.Steinbert piano is the soundboard. Constructed from selected 'Sitka' spruce for its colour, length and width of the annual growth rings, it is hand sculptured by expert craftsmen to bring out the optimum conditions for tonal resonance.



Piano Action

The finest of piano is incomplete without a good piano action. It must be so designed that the player can feel and create various musical expressions through it and yet must allow the sound to be repeated in rapid successions and controllable.


The hammers from the most important and integral part of the piano action. Only the best of hammers made out of high density pure wool can produce the best sound. All in all C.Steinbert pianos only the world's best 'Royal George' hammers are used.



Cabinet Choices

A wide variety of first quality woods, all of which are chosen with great care, are available to satisfy the most individual taste. Various cabinet styles are also produced and can be furnished in satin, high lustre finish, ivory or ebony. With their fine tone the C.Steinbert instruments are always admired as a centrepiece in all homes.


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