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Karl Schmidt pianos represent the perfect union amongst handcrafted experience, elegance, high technology and tradition. The entire manufacturing process adopts high quality standards, from the careful selection of the finest materials to the final testing. Every single piano is manufactured with meticulous attention to assure a high level of naturalness in tone quality and great uniformity. Thanks to the top quality cabinets, they are able to complement any décor or environment.


The human touch is evident in every Karl Schmidt piano. Sophisticated asymmetrical sound boards are constructed of hand selected Siberian spruce for superior tone. Hammers are made of the finest felt and maple, imparting endurance and sensitivity. The precision cast vacuum – processed iron frames provide superior strength and stability. Nickel plated tuning pins are driven into hard laminated maple pin blocks to ensure tuning stability in all conditions. This combination of quality components creates the foundation for an enduring level of performance and pleasure. With a broad range of rich finishes, Karl Schmidt piano makes a beautiful addition to your home and a musical investment in fun, education and entertainment that you and your family will enjoy for decades to come.


The essence of Karl Schmidt quality is its exquisite craftsmanship. The dedication and skill of these craftsmen is embodied in each instrument.


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