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Antonín Petrof and his wife Marie


The history of the PETROF company dates back to 1864 when Antonín Petrof made his first piano and thus founded the great tradition of manufacturing pianos of unique quality.


The masterly manufacturing of every detail results in the timeless style of the instruments with rich, perfectly clear sound and a colourful width of the music expression. We put maximum effort into introducing new technologies, however, and we insist on hand made work which guarantees the high quality tone of our instruments.


Thanks to their unique character, PETROF pianos can reach out to a wide spectrum of musicians including top world piano virtuosos. The real proof is in more than 600,000 manufactured pianos. All instruments manufactured in PETROF have a characteristic, inimitable sound thanks to keeping many traditional techniques, above all using classic natural materials and the handicraft skills of our craftsmen.


Our modern research and development department has allowed the conversion of our handicraft production into industrial manufacturing, the innovation of our instruments and the development of new instruments according to musician demands. Magnetically accelerated action, which enables to regulate touch and quick repetition on the whole keyboard, is one of the modern features in the piano construction. The demand concerning playing of the instrument and its design was satisfied in a very short time by keeping the high quality sound. This department guarantees that PETROF will keep on introducing new piano construction possibilities.


Quality of PETROF instruments is approved by ISO certificate and our product range includes a whole variety of products from top quality master grands for big concert halls to upright pianos for music schools and home interiors.




All PETROF instruments are made in a factory in Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. They are then of pure European origin and they are entitled to use the trademark EUROPEAN EXCELLENCE. Today, PETROF has become the biggest piano manufacturer in Europe and stands at the forefront worldwide.




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