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PETROF Upright Pianos


Highest Series / Institution Series

The upright pianos of the highest series are high upright pianos of concert character; their sound stays delightful, tender and cultivated in spite of big sound volume comparable with the smallest grand pianos. Such instruments radiate vigour and have earned respect from professional pianists and non-musicians alike. People cherish these pianos in apartments, music schools and piano recitals within an orchestra. The 135 high upright pianos are additionally equipped with a prolongement bar, under preservation of a moderator bar controlled by a control cable situated under the playing frame.


P 135 K1

P 131 M1

P 131 E1


Higher Series / Professional Series

The upright pianos of the higher series are highly favoured and they satisfy even the most demanding players. Thanks to their size, they give considerable dynamic possibilities whilst preserving excellent sound. Such instruments make a very elegant impression particularly because of their favourable proportion of height and the possibility of different variants of the body equipped with optional accessories. These upright pianos are suitable for rehearsal rooms, halls and larger rooms of music institutions. Their mighty sound complies with the demands of accompanying instruments for ballet, musicals, classic and modern dance.  A European favourite, these piano must be heard to be believed.


P 125 F1

P 125 G1

P 125 M1


Middle Series / Standard Series

The upright piano middle series gives the biggest scale of different models and colour finishes allowing the possibility to select the instrument so that it corresponds with the interior to be placed in. These instruments rank among the most favoured not only thanks to this fact, but also thanks to their excellent dynamic characteristics and sound. These upright pianos are used not only for everyday playing and rehearsing, but also as accompanying instruments for singing and recitation; therefore they are suitable for music schools and homes. You can appreciate many wonderful moments with your family around these instruments.


P 118 G1

P 118 P1

P 118 M1

P 116 E1


Art Collection

The upright pianos in the Art Collection series are renown for their elegant style. All models have the unmistakable tone and characteristic of a Petrof piano combined with an individual flair that set them apart. The Art Collection finishes are made to match stylish interiors.


P 118 C1

P 118 R1

P 118 D1


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