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What is Pianomation®?

Pianomation is a multi-media entertainment system that turns any piano into a player piano. Pianomation can play piano solos as well as music with accompanying instruments and vocals. Pianomation's patient-pending technology even makes it possible for you to experience the thrill of live concert by watching your favorite musicians perform on their concert DVDs as the music is being played on your piano! With a Pianomation entertainment system, your piano can provide live entertainment and ambience to every occasion in your home from intimate dinners to large parties.


Why choose Pianomation®


Today's player piano systems are based on solenoids and plungers that are computer-activated to move the keys. The design and construction of the solenoids and plungers is a key differentiator between brands and an important consideration when choosing your entertainment system.


Pianomation® has long been considered the "gold standard" in the industry for player piano technology, and with good reason. Pianomation® uses specially designed solenoids and plungers that eliminate problems commonly found in competitive systems.


  1. Plungers are made using a non-stick coating that minimizes friction and wear and are precision fit for tightness, eliminating the potential for mechanical noise and rattling.
  2. Superior engineering and watch-dog circuitry eliminate the risk of hot or overheated solenoids that can dry out the action parts of the piano, causing severe damage.
  3. Plunger throw distance is adjustable on a solenoid-by-solenoid basis to perfectly match the distance that each individual key tail travels, ensuring unparalleled sound control and more musical expression.



QRS has specialized in what are popularly known as "player pianos" and the technology behind them for over one hundred years. Today when you purchase a state-of-the-art Pianomation® system, your piano plays as if the original pianist were right there at the keyboard. Imagine legendary greats like George Gershwin and Liberace playing your piano! Every nuance and expression of the performance is faithfully captured and reproduced. And thanks to superior whisper-soft volume control, you determine exactly how loudly or softly your piano plays, making intimate conversations effortless.



To get the most from your player system, QRS has created the highest quality library in the industry, made up almost entirely of live performance recordings. Other libraries rely heavily on digitally orchestrated music that is created electronically and lacks the expression and richness of sound that can only be captured by recording artists live as they are playing. The Pianomation® library has over 3,000 selections in every genre imaginable from classical and jazz to your favourite up-to-the-minute pop artists. Whether you're in the mood for contemporary favourites like Elton John, modern classics like Frank Sinatra, or music icons like Fats Waller, you'll find plenty to choose from, with new titles added monthly. CDs can be purchased one at a time or you can subscribe to NetPiano™ and have access to the entire QRS music library 24/7 through your computer!*


*SyncAlong CDs are not available through NetPiano™ at this time.



Only Pianomation® offers you patent-pending SyncAlong audio capabilities. With SyncAlong CDs, your piano plays along with original audio recordings from today's most popular artists.



Accessories can add even more capabilities to Pianomation's already feature-rich system.


PNOscan™ faithfully records and plays back performances on your piano using optical technology to capture all the expressive timing of the individual pianist. There is no mechanical interference to change the touch and response of your keyboard. Every detail of your original performance is captured, including the force, speed and duration of each note played.


The SilentPNO™ option, along with a headset, gives you the flexibility to practice and compose in complete privacy without disturbing others.


The Total Performance™ sound card enables you to play any of the thousands of industry-standard MIDI files currently on the Internet that contain orchestrated music in addition to piano. It features 127 high quality sounds encompassing many musical groups including pianos, organs, guitars, brass, woodwinds, strings and more. Comes standard with the Ancho system.


Qtouch Tablet™ gives you the freedom to control your Pianomation® entertainment system from anywhere in your home using a wireless connection. Use it in conjunction with your NetPiano™ subscription and you can access thousands of songs from the QRS online library instantly.


Bring these versatile and powerful options together and you have two pianos in one, the value and beauty of an acoustic piano combined with the capabilities of a digital piano.


* Not all options are available on all pianos.


Pianomation® Brings Your Silent Piano To Life

Almost any piano, old or new, grand or upright, can play by itself when fitted with the Pianomation® Reproducing System. Its capabilities are almost limitless. It can play with the breadth and power of a great concert artist, or the suave sophistication of the finest cocktail pianist. Or, it can simply entertain you like a good old-fashioned player piano.


Pianomation® actually plays your acoustic piano, just like a fine artist. The keys move up and down, the hammers strike the strings, and the sound you hear is created by your piano, not an electronic imitation of a real piano. The PianoMation® installation will not alter your piano's touch or tone in any way.


The Pianomation® Reproducing System consists of:

  • A rail that holds the individual note solenoids that actuate the piano's keys.
  • A power supply that provides power to the system and accessories.
  • A computer processor that interprets the digital information from the CD or other source.
  • A controller, which is the user interface to the Pianomation. We have several different controllers available to suit every possible application.
  • A powered speaker that adds vocal performances and orchestrated background music to the live performance of your piano.


The Pianomation®  Specifications tell it all

QRS Pianomation® Engine


No Spring Required (A)

  • Eliminates the potential for clicking.
  • Eliminates variable plunger throw, thus allowing us to deliver and control the key for the exact expression required.
  • Eliminates potential damage to the plunger when installing the action into the piano after service.


Plunger Throw Adjustment (B)

A must for precision allocation of expression. Guaranteeing 128 levels of expression.


Solenoids (C)

Fully encased solenoid with a unique metal alloy inner sleeve specially designed for Pianomation. Built to hold tolerances in the toughest of commercial applications and environments. Hence, no mechanical deformation or noise is possible, even in continuous nonstop operation.


Solenoid Plungers (D)

Teflon impregnated plungers eliminate the potential for corrosion, are non-sticking, and self-lubricating.


Felted Key-tail

Quiet strike and release. Eliminates the potential for worn out plunger tips and knocking sound.


Time Out Feature

No key will remain on for more than 16 seconds, safely eliminating potential solenoid damage.


Watch Dog Circuitry

Every 1.3 seconds the system does a self-diagnosis, with auto reset. It also stores a diagnostic history.


Switched Power Outlet



128 levels (256 possible)



Plug a MIDI cable in and it will play without the need to go through an elaborate command menu.


16 MIDI channels

Can be assigned to play Pianomation


Have Pianomation™ installed in your piano and experience the luxury of live piano music whenever you want it. Pianomation™ is superbly engineered and will provide years of dependable service.




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