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Pianomation Controller Comparison


Optional o
Not Available x

QRS Music Pianomation Controllers
Music Formats Ancho
QRS CD  ■  ■  ■
Piano-Only MIDI Files  ■  ■  ■7
Orchestrated MIDI Files  ■ o x
CD-ROM MIDI File ■1 x
CD-ROM MP3 Files x
CD SyncAlong x
DVD SyncAlong o3 o3 o3
Compact Flash Card  x
Compact Flash MIDI File ■1  x
Compact Flash MP3 Files  x
CD-ROM Compact Flash Upgradeable  x
NetPiano o2 o2 o2
AMI Input
MIDI Input (From External Midi Player or Source) o4
Hardware Sources      
Compact Flash x
CD-ROM Drive
MIDI Input ■4 ■7
Line Input
Microphone Input x
Total Performance Sound Card o x
Mixed o x
MIDI Output o4 x
AMI Output (For Remote Mounting or Control Box) 
Headphone Output
Remote Control


  1. Must have soundcard installed for General MIDI sounds.
  2. Netpiano uses a format that must be played using a computer with Windows XP operating system.
  3. Requires Q-Sync
  4. Requires Record Jumper and Cable.
  5. Requires USB Host Adapter.
  6. From External Source.
  7. From External Source with MIDI Connector.




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