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We offers services ranging from regularly scheduled tuning and minor repairs to full service rebuilding and refinishing. Our services include :




Offers the piano owner a concise knowledge of reasonable value and a more thorough understanding of the overall condition of the piano being assessed. Our service is intended as a piano price guide for ;


Sellers : Thinking of selling your piano and want an idea of its value in order to determine a selling price.


Buyers : Buying a used piano from a friend/relative and want to know if a particular piano is priced reasonably.


We can also provide a written appraisals for insurance purposes.



Piano Tuning


There has never been a piano made by any company, at any price, that does not require a schedule of regular tunings. It is also a fact that a piano will go out of tune whether it is played or not. We have high skilled piano technicians who are highly trained with many years of experience in this field.



Action Regulation


Piano regulation is a lengthy process which includes many adjustments. All regulation adjustments are intended to optimize the touch or feel and response of the piano. Included in the regulation process are key easing, squaring, spacing, level and dip, alignment of wippen cushion to capstan, jack spacing and alignment of jack tender to let-off button and jack top surface to knuckle. Repetition lever height, repetition spring tension, hammer alignment to strings and hammer travel are adjusted.





Every piano has its own unique sound. One might be described as ‘glassy,’ another as ‘warm’. One might have a ‘full singing’ tone, and yet another sounds ‘thin.’ Although the original design establishes the basic character of your piano’s tone, our technician can modify it to better suit your taste or restore its original tone if it has deteriorated with age.



Piano Restoration, Repairing and Rebuilding


Piano restoration is a living ‘old world craft’ that requires excellent tools, fine metals, old growth wood, paints and finishes applied with precision by skilled human hands to its former beauty and restore its rich heritage. Piano restoration is the perfect way to rejuvenate worn and neglected pianos.


We offer a comprehensive restoration service to all makes and types of pianos. In our fully equipped service centre we are able to undertake all aspects of piano restoration, including complete restringing, soundboard repairs, pin block replacement, bridge replacement, re-felting of mechanisms, replacing of hammers, restoring ivory keys, recovering keyboards with plastic key tops, stripping, sanding and re-vanishing of piano cabinets, veneer repairs.



Piano Refinishing and Respraying


We offer many methods to give a piano case a high-gloss, satin, lacquered, or other type of finish.



QRS Pianonation, Piano Disc Installation


Our technicians are certified to install these system. The unit is installed at our service centre within three to five days. In that time the piano is meticulously regulated mechanically, fitted with the new system and tested for 24 hours prior to re-delivery to your home.


Regulation of your piano is an important consideration because these player system is actually working the keys and action of the piano. Optimum performance will only be possible when both the piano and the system are regulated and installed properly. For that reason QRS Pianonation and PianoDisc only allows installation by qualifed professionals.



Piano Hire & Rental


Event Hire: Need of a piano for examinations, corporate events to private parties and concert recitals. No worry, our highly competitive fees are inclusive of delivery, collection and tuning to standard concert pitch.


Rental: Might be anyone from business person, an overseas visitor, a student away from home or parents wishing to gain more confidence in their childrens’ playing ablities before taking a decision to purchase. Whatever, we operate on a flexible basis and can provide modern pianos as required. Our fees, ranging from RM150 to RM300 monthly, vary according to the make and model of piano, additional two months’ fees in advance plus the cost of delivery and collection.



Piano Removals


If you’re moving home and you have a piano, then you should contact a piano removalist. Why? Because a piano is not like regular furniture, it’s a fine instrument. Furniture removalists usually do not have the skills, equipment or experience to move your piano properly, even though the cost is lower. Our piano removalists are trained, experienced and have proper insurance coverage.



Piano Packing


We offer piano packing services for upright and grand pianos. Our packing cases are custom-built for pianos only. This is to avoid possible damage to the piano during transit. We offer two types of piano cases; wooden crate and carton box.



Piano Music Books


We have huge variety of sheet music, music books, theory books as well as an extensive collection of reference books all for piano. ABRSM, Alfred, Boosey & Hawkes, Trinity Guildhall, Rhythm Publishing, etc.





Piano Bench and Piano Adjustable Bench (Walnut/Mahogany/Black). Metronome – Wittner, Nikko, Cherub, Seiko. Caster Cups – Upright and Grand Piano. Piano Heater and Dehumidifier. Piano Key Cover, Top Cover, Full Cover, Pedal Slipcover, Piano Polish, Piano Cleaning Cloth and etc.



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