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Ever since WAGNER was introduced in the 20th century, the German marque has became famous among the students, music teachers and musicians for its rich, singing tone and elegant cabinet work. The beautifully balanced scale-design is the work of International Master Piano-Designers from America, Europe and Japan using traditional techniques and state of the art modern machines and tools.


Modern computer numerical controlled (CNC) five-axis machines are used to cut and shape precision product in the entire production and assembly lines. Care and attention to the detail are given as much in every department of the factory to ensure consistency in manufacturing and to meet the high levels of international standards.


The materials that goes into the construction of WAGNER pianos are the finest and purest available from Siberia, Germany, USA and Japan. These include German Röslau wires, tapered solid Siberian spruce soundboards, German and Japanese Hammer Felts, Heinsworth English Felts, Japanese Polymethyl Methacrylate key-tops and many more.


One of the many differences between pianos of differing quality depends largely on the final preparation of the piano before leaving the factory. The final preparation, includes several tunings, regulations and voicings, are performed repeatedly by highly skilled factory-technicians to make sure that every piano arrives at your home in the best playing condition.


Today, WAGNER upright and grand pianos can be found and used in world's renowned practical examination boards, piano competitions, piano workshops & concerts, churches, music colleges and universities and fine homes around the country.


WAGNER offers a complete line of vertical pianos from Studio 48” (122cm) to Upright 52” (132cm) in height, and grand pianos from baby grand 4’ 11" to medium grand 6’ 6" in length. If you are looking for a new piano ideal for learning or for pleasure with an exceptional value WAGNER is truly the right choice for you.




  • German Scale Design
  • A World-Class Musical Instruments
  • Warm rich European tone and responsive touch
  • High-quality materials with exceptional workmanship
  • Highly praised by music teachers, technicians and musicians
  • Popular choice for beginners, intermediate levels and classical/pop/jazz music enthusiasts
  • Used in world's renowned examination boards (ABRSM, LCM, Trinity) and piano competitions
  • Awarded with the global standard ISO 9001:2000 CCIC certification for Quality Management status





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